2017 Dodge RAM 3500 Chassis Cab - Commercial Work Truck

Today's trucks, like the 2017 Dodge RAM 3500 Chassis Cab Commercial Truck, are designed and built for a lot of purposes. The original Dodge half-ton truck introduced back in the 1920's was a marvel of engineering and strength. The first Dodge Truck built by Chrysler was the 1929 Dodge Brothers Merchants Express half-ton truck. It was popular among companies because of its durability as a means of transporting goods to market. This popularity lead to an increase in the amount of weight the truck could carry. So, the 1-ton truck was introduced and like its younger Brother became very popular.

Today RAM offers trucks that are suited for the driving, hauling, and towing starting with the popular RAM 1500 truck to the Heavy Duty RAM 5500.

Dodge RAM 3500 Chassis Cab Commercial Work Truck

The 2017 Dodge RAM 3500 Chassis Cab Commercial Work Truck was introduced and is sold today by Hoyte RAM Whitesboro. This truck is gaining popularity due to not only its ability to carry large loads with a maximum payload of 7,640 pounds, and 22,770 pounds of towing, it is available without a factory installed bed. This allows the buyer to install an aftermarket bed designed for a specific purpose. It might be a flatbed used by a mobile welder or a bed equipped with storage bins used by a plumber or electrician just to name a few. All three of these options are available from Hoyte RAM Whitesboro.

The new 2017 RAM 3500 Chassis Cab Truck has a 10,000-pound Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). It is the right truck for the job and will also accommodate standard uplift equipment making it the most versatile Chassis Cab on the market today.

The Chassis Cab RAM Truck is offered in a variety of Trims for the Model 3500. Each designed for the owner's work needs. These trims include the Tradesman, SLT and Laramie. Each of these trims have more options available for driver and passenger comfort and entertainment mainly in the interior of the truck.

Engine choices include the popular 6.4L Cummins TurboDiesel I6 or the Commercial Grade 6.4L HEMI V8 Gasoline Engine. Available transmissions are the 66RFE Six-Speed Automatic, ISIN AS66RC Six-Speed Automatic. AISIN AS69RC Six-Speed Automatic or G56 Six-Speed Manual Transmission. 440 Amps of power are available with Best-In-Class duel alternators to support added electrical power for up-lifts and accessories.

Additional Options

These additional options are available for all trims so the truck may be customized for the job it is purchased to do and include:
Left or Right Side Power Take-off Capability. Five Power Take Off Options for Power Uplifts
Duel Access Power Take-Off, Uplift-ready Electrical Mode with 50+ Input/Outputs
Park Sense Front and Rear Park Assist System, 15,000 Mile Diesel Engine Oil Change Intervals
74 Gallon Duel Fuel Tank Capacity and Electronic Stability Control and Seven-Pin Wiring Harness.

This truck is for business and is designed for hard work daily. Rugged and dependable are just a few of the adjectives to describe this durable work truck.
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